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The High court of judicature at Madaras,is a temple of justice and the advocates are a temple of justice and the Advocates are ministers in that temple.

"....The objects of all equally should be the attainment of justice.. slow and laborious and perplexed and doutbtful in its issuse that pursuit often proves..".

"The pursuit is a noble one and those are hounered who are the instruments engaged in it. the infirmity of human nature and the strength of human passion, may lead us to false views,and sometimes to embarrass and retrad rather than to assist in attaining the great object; the temperament, the imagination and the feelings may all mislead us in the chase..."."Let your zeal be as warm as your heart's blood, but let it to be tempered with discreation and high self respect; let your independence be firm,uncompromissing, but let it be chastened by personal humility",said cromption.J.
  • Duties of the Profession

    • Keep the best tarditions of the bar.
    • Never be a party to the lowering of standards.
    • Do not pursue your profession in a sprit of competition and rivalry.
    • Do not indulge in scandal mongering about a brother lawyer.
    • Do everything to encourage the spirit of comeradeship and brotherhood and to avoid the 'barren graces of the nil adonirari'.
    • Always be prepared to subordinate your presonal interests to thouse of the profession.
    • Treat your with respect and show sympathy and kindness to your juniors.
    • Never refrain from giving help to a brother member or generously acknowleading help givin to him.

    • Duty of the public
    • Advice and action according to professional ethics.
    • Maintenance of dignity and self respect.
    • Duty to court.
    • Duty to clients.
    • Duty to the profession.
    • Practice before judge who is father,relative,etc.

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